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Facing a criminal investigation or defending yourself against a criminal prosecution is a new and intimidating experience for most.  The first things that go through most people’s minds are:

    1) Will I have to go to jail?
    2) How will this affect my family?
    3) How will this impact my job and my reputation?

A criminal conviction can also impact your life in ways you probably have not yet considered.  Whether you have been arrested pursuant to a criminal complaint and warrant, or pursuant to an indictment, or whether you have been approached by law enforcement as a suspect or subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury, you need a skilled and respected criminal defense attorney to represent you.  Do not wait to seek help - the government has a virtually limitless amount of resources at its disposal.  Quickly retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney to intervene and negotiate on your behalf while diligently protecting and preparing your defense is your best option.

Nashville federal criminal defense attorney Ben Perry focuses his practice primarily on criminal defense representing a broad range of individuals from the Nashville and middle Tennessee area as well as from across the country and throughout the State of Tennessee in both federal and state court.  Nashville federal criminal defense lawyer Ben Perry’s clients include students, bankers, pilots, engineers, accountants, military officers, doctors, lawyers, elected officials, corporate executives and any other persons facing a serious state or federal prosecution.  His experience, integrity and personal commitment to his clients combine to provide his clients with aggressive and trustworthy representation in a supportive, hands-on environment. As a Nashville criminal defense lawyer, his philosophy is grounded in the strong belief that his clients should be fully informed about every aspect of their case as it progresses.

Nashville criminal defense lawyer Ben Perry represents clients facing a wide array of criminal charges in federal court both before and after indictment including:  federal drug trafficking charges, federal firearms charges, federal white collar crimes, federal conspiracy charges, federal money laundering charges, federal gambling charges, federal fraud charges, federal computer and internet crimes, federal sexual and child pornography offenses, federal crimes of violence, and investigations by federal agencies.  In state courts, Nashville criminal defense attorney Ben Perry regularly represents clients charged with DUI, white collar crimes, drug offenses, assault offenses, murder, fraud offenses, sexual offenses, theft offenses, and grand jury investigations.

Nashville federal criminal defense lawyer Ben Perry realizes that it is often not convenient for many clients to meet with him during normal office hours and routinely makes himself available for evening and weekend appointments at locations throughout middle Tennessee.  Nashville criminal defense attorney Ben Perry is mindful that you may not have budgeted for funding your defense; so, under some circumstances, he will work with clients and/or their families on a reasonable payment plan.  If you are ready to regain some control over your future by working with a trustworthy attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights, please contact Nashville criminal defense attorney Ben Perry today.

Nashville federal criminal defense lawyer Ben Perry represents clients throughout middle Tennessee including the cities of Nashville, Ashland City, Brentwood, Clarksville, Charlotte, Coopertown, Dickson, Dover, Erin, Fairview, Franklin, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Kingston Springs, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, Pegram, Pleasant View, Springfield, Waverly, as well as Davidson County, Cheatham County, Dickson County, Houston County, Humphreys County, Montgomery County, Robertson County, Rutherford County, Stewart County, Sumner County, Williamson County, and Wilson County. To find out if Nashville criminal defense attorney Ben Perry represents clients in other locations, please contact Ben Perry today.

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